'Full-scale emergency' as plane door bursts open mid-air in Scotland

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'Full-scale emergency' as plane door bursts open mid-air in Scotland
'Full-scale emergency' as plane door bursts open mid-air in Scotland

A small plane carrying 17 passengers was forced to make an emergency landing at Orkney's Kirkwall Airport in Scotland, after a cargo door burst open mid-air.

The FlyBe aircraft, operated by Loganair, was flying from Aberdeen to Shetland when the "full-scale emergency" occurred.

According to the BBC, passengers reported that the cabin depressurised when the door opened mid-flight.

Emergency crews and fire units from Kirkwall were called to the scene, but the plane managed to land safely with no injuries.

Chief operating officer Phil Preston told the Scotsman: "There was an issue with the cargo door at the rear of the aircraft.

"Our crew followed the correct procedures and the aircraft landed safely. A secondary aircraft is being flown up from Aberdeen to transport the passengers."

Back in February, a British tourist claimed an emergency exit blew open on a super jumbo at 27,000ft.

David Reid told the Daily Mail that he and his son Lewis were terrified that a bomb had gone off after they heard a 'massive explosion' two hours into their flight on a new Emirates Airbus A380.

He said freezing air blasted in and the cabin pressure plunged after the door in business class came an inch and a half ajar. But instead of making an emergency landing, Mr Reid said the crew decided to stuff blankets and pillows in the hole and continue the flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong.

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