Drowned surfer's body washes up on beach with shark attack wounds

Drowned surfer's body washes up on beach with shark attack wounds

A surfer who is thought to have drowned at sea has washed up on the beach in San Diego covered in shark attack wounds.

The 42-year-old man went missing on Wednesday night after his fiancee reported that he failed to return from surfing at Tourmaline Beach.

A huge search, including a San Diego Fire-Rescue helicopter, was launched, but his naked body washed up on the beach at around 3.35am on Thursday morning.

San Diego Lifeguards Lt John Everhart said initial evidence suggests the shark attack happened after he had drowned.

He told NBC San Diego: "The thought is the person drowned in the waters off PB and then some time after that event, was the shark attack incident."

Shark expert Andy Nosal also said it looked as though the victim had died from drowning and was bitten post-mortem, possibly by a sevengill shark.

Everhart said the circumstances of the death were not clear, and wasn't ruling out "hypothermia, ocean conditions, an unrelated medical condition, accidental drowning or suicide".

He added that there were some strange details to the case. For example, the man took off his wetsuit and tied it around his surf board "in a very purposeful manner". There was no damage to the board or the wetsuit, and other surfers in the area said it was an unusual act.

One surfer said: "It doesn't make any sense, you don't take your wetsuit off in the water."

According to the Daily Mail, Everhart added: "That someone would take their wet suit off while they're out at sea, and then tie it around their surf board and then disappear - I've never seen anything like it."

An autopsy will be carried out on Friday.

See footage of the scene below:

View more videos at: http://nbcsandiego.com.

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