Train driver hospitalised after stones thrown at his window

Train driver hospitalised after stones thrown at his window

A train driver in Scotland has been seriously injured after stones were thrown at his window while he was operating a train.

The BBC reports that the driver suffered from a eye injury caused by shattered glass from the impact.

According to local news service The Scotsman, paramedics were called to the scene, between Blantyre and Newton stations, at 10pm yesterday (Wednesday) evening.

The driver, who had managed to pull out some of the glass from his eye before they arrived, was transported by ambulance to a hospital in East Kilbride.

The British Transport Police said that several stones were thrown from a field, smashing into the train as it approached Newton Station.

Police are appealing for witnesses. In a statement, a ScotRail spokeswoman said: "We do not tolerate crime of any kind and hope the person or people responsible are brought to justice."

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