Video: Lad lets mum drive his 900bhp Mitsubishi Evo

Video: Lad lets mum drive his 900bhp Mitsubishi Evo

It's fair to say that mothers aren't usually known for tearing up the Tarmac in high-powered cars. Letting rip in a mighty sports machine is far removed from what most mums have to endure on a daily basis – loading children into a hatchback or people carrier and battling their way to the school gates.

Well, here is one momma who is aiming to buck the trend. Sat behind the wheel of her son's highly tuned Mitsubishi Evo IX, this white haired lady is initially (and understandably) hesitant about dancing with a 900bhp monster. She quickly gets the hang of it, though, banging in gear changes like a pro and carrying plenty of speed into the corners.
Click below to watch this mum fly the flag for female drivers everywhere.

While we can't condone racing on the public highway, here is some further footage of the tuner special Evo in a rolling drag race.

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