Comedian Kevin Bridges pays compensation to owner of a car he damaged during drunken row

Comedian Kevin Bridges pays compensation to owner of a car he smashed up during drunken row

Clydebank comedian Kevin Bridges has recently paid compensation to the owner of a car he smashed up during a drunken night out in Ireland.

The 26-year-old was arrested and charged with public drunkenness and criminal damage after a boozy row got out of hand in Killarney in December last year.
But the TV comic has avoided a conviction after charges were dropped thanks to an out of court settlement.

Bridges settled with the owner of the damaged car, Liam Spring for an undisclosed amount. The TV star didn't appear in court as the charges were dropped.

The fracas took place last December when Bridges and his brother were drinking after a performance.

His sell-out show, The Story Continues, was playing at the 3500-seat INEC arena in the Irish tourist town.

In a police statement after the incident Bridges said: "I was acting aggressively and I never intended to cause damage.

"I would like to apologise to the man in person and cover the cost."

The stand-up comic told police he was "very drunk" and "in a compassionate argument with my brother".

The comedian, who currently lives in Glasgow, doesn't have a driving licence but started taking driving lessons this year after encouragement from Scottish rock musician and motoring enthusiast Amy Macdonald.
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