Video: World's first carbon fibre helicopter crashes and sinks in Auckland Harbour

The world's first carbon fibre helicopter has crashed into the sea at Auckland Harbour in New Zealand - but, luckily, its two crew members walked away unharmed.

Pilot Peter Maloney noticed that the turbine warning light had come on, and was forced to make an emergency landing on the water, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Peter and his passenger, Nina Heatly, escaped the chopper before it sank to the bottom of the sea.

The emergency landing was caught on camera by Nina's husband, who was cresting a promotional video for the helicopter to be shown at a Russian air show.

According to ITN footage, Mr Maloney said: "The aircraft has done about 200 hours of flying and the reason we were over water is because we are still in our flight evaluation phase. Up until now the helicopter has been flying really well."

Nina said: "The landing was amazingly smooth, for an emergency landing."

The New Zealand authorities are currently investigating the cause of the crash.

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