New Virgin blouses spark 'bra wars'

Richard Branson in a Virgin trainFemale staff at Virgin Trains have rejected a new uniform that includes a "flimsy" blouse that they think would allow passengers to see dark coloured underwear.

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson has therefore been forced to offer female workers vouchers to buy undergarments that will protect their modesty.%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%
Business support director, Andy Cross, said on the Virgin staff website: "It's important that our people feel comfortable and so we will be issuing vouchers in the next few days for ladies to buy undergarments to wear under their blouses.

"Female employees concerned about the new blouse will be offered a £20 voucher to buy suitable undergarments."

The light-red blouses are part of a new Virgin Trains uniform due to make its debut tomorrow.

However, the launch of the new uniform has now been delayed until the end of May to give female staff time to use their vouchers to buy appropriate underwear and avoid embarrassment due to the "skimpy" and revealing" tops.

And according to the Daily Telegraph, rail union TSSA is demanding the blouses be withdrawn and replaced with a new version.

Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA rail union, said: "Our female members are upset because they feel Sir Richard is cutting corners by asking them to wear flimsy blouses which are skimpy and they feel too revealing."

Workers have also voiced their discontent in the Mirror, where one Virgin Trains staff member is quoted as saying: "We want them withdrawn – £20 is hardly enough for a decent bra."

The "bra wars" row comes just days after Virgin Atlantic unveiled a new uniform for staff designed by Vivienne Westwood.
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