Hitchhiker travels 100,000 miles around the globe

Hitchhiker travels 100,000 miles around the globe

As far as hitchhiking adventures go, this one is head, shoulders, arms and thumbs above the rest.

Frenchman Jeremy Marie spent five years traveling around the world, thumbing lifts in cars, trucks, boats, planes and even donkeys.
The 29-year-old adventurer set off from Caen, France on his 100,000 journey in 2007, conquering everything from the heat of Sudan's deserts to the freezing mountains of Kazakhstan, without spending a penny on travel.

His incredible journey through 71 countries was documented in photographs, and made possible purely by the generosity of strangers.

"I like to hitchhike, it's a good way to meet people and you get to see the world from a local's point of view and see and experience things a tourist wouldn't usually be able to," said the French adventurer.

"Hitchhiking is not just a means of travel, it is an unexplainable passion, I go and find a good spot on the roadside and raise my thumb. I then wait anxiously to see if the car indicates, if the driver lowers their window.

"If they do, they take my bag, I get in and talk to the driver and/or passengers, people I would never normally have had the chance to meet."

Some of the vehicles he was picked up in include a Kawasaki superbike in Malaysia, a Ford Fiesta in Thailand, a BMW in Switzerland, a hot rod in America, a classic Holden van in Australia and a scooter with a sidecar in Indonesia.

But modes of transport also included a three-wheeler and a tractor in Syria, a wooden boat in Sudan, a 45-foot yacht in Cartagena and even a donkey across the desert.

"Sometimes I felt scared, there's good and bad people everywhere and so you have to be careful about who you choose to trust when you're hitchhiking" said Jeremy.

"I met my girlfriend in Bali, Indonesia while I was travelling and hitched a lift with a pilot to go back there.

"I'm now living in Bali writing a book about my journey."
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