Video: Is this the world's maddest stretch of road?

Is this the world's maddest stretch of road?

Earlier this week, a video surfaced of a motorcyclist ploughing into a pair of cyclists as they tackled Los Angeles' famous Mulholland Drive.

It turns out the area is a veritable gold mine of crunching crashes and breath-taking near-misses, all recorded by amateur videographer and YouTube user Rnickymouse.
And it's not just motorcyclists causing mayhem, it turns out car owners like to have a go at playing the fool, too.

We scoured his (or her) channel for some of the most astonishing examples of automotive buffoonery and decided this could be one of the world's maddest roads... outside of Russia, obviously.

The police think so too, as they seem to have a patrol car stationed nearby for much of the time, ready to pull over any driver caught speeding, sliding or generally disobeying the rules of the road.

Watch the compilation video below and let us know your thoughts via the comments section

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