The stench of a soggy Spaniel tops list of most hated car smells

The stench of a soggy Spaniel tops list of most hated car smells

Thanks to a recent survey by Halfords, the musk of wet dog has been confirmed as a motorists' most hated pong to have lingering in a car.

Sodden hound topped the poll of unwanted aromas, just beating the likes of dried milk and sweaty feet.
Six out of ten respondents hated the smell of wet dog so much, that it actually distracted them as they drove.

Other undesirable stenches included rotting fruit, especially bananas and dirty nappies. But it wasn't just food or babies' bottoms that made drivers' blood boil, as 29% cited passengers with sweaty feet as their main bugbear, and 25% were left irked by smokers lighting up without permission.

Parents often suffered from child-related smells, including dirty nappies, teenage body odour and even children's sick, which was the third most hated whiff to have wafting around a car.

"Women are more sensitive to in-car smells with almost a third using air fresheners or sprays in the car" said Halfords spokeswoman Maria Dufficey.

Elaborate air-freshener designs sold by the auto specialists include cupcakes, trees and feet. "Their choices are more driven by fashion and new designs," explained Dufficey.

Men, meanwhile, seem to follow notions of masculinity when buying air fresheners – preferring brands such as Mighty Oak or Black Ice.

But according to the survey, drivers with hectic lifestyles are still prepared to eat at the wheel – running the risk of dropping food under the seats to fester later.
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