Robbie Williams gets some new wheels

Robbie Williams gets some new wheels

We know pop crooner Robbie Williams is getting on a bit but we didn't expect him to require a mobility scooter just yet.

The Take That star has recently been photographed pottering around on a heavily modified scooter that features mirrors, lights and chrome accents that mimic the Vespas and Lambrettas of the 1960s.
Robbie's 'mod-ility scooter' (excuse the pun) was created for his new music video that sees him team up with Brit rapper Dizzee Rascal, who lined up next to Williams with his own pimped-out machine.

The pair revved through the streets, leading two gangs in a classic mods versus rockers face-off. Also in the video was an extreme 'rock and roll' Mini that was covered in foot long spikes.

The new track, 'Goin' Crazy', was recorded in Robbie's own studio. He told The Sun: "I have never been so urban. When I heard Dizzee wanted me, I was like, 'F*** yes!'

"He only deals in bangers and life is getting shorter for me."

Dizzee said: "As soon as I heard Quadrophenia, I was signed up for the video idea. The mods and rockers idea is right up my street.

"Having Robbie involved has been good. When his name came up, I was excited about it. We went to his house to record it. It's not often on these things you sit in the same studio anymore."
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