Drunk driver crashes in front of police

Drunk driver crashes in front of police

A drunk driver has been banned from driving after crashing into a set of traffic lights in front of a police car.

44-year-old Philip Adams collided with the street furniture on February 22 while heading to the Odessa Inn on the A38 in Tewkesbury.
He then drove off at speed and the police eventually caught up with him in a field along the same road.

Found to be twice the legal drink-drive limit, Adams was fined a total of £1,000 and ordered to pay a £60 surcharge, as well as being banned from the roads for two years.

He was also placed under a community order banning him from pubs and clubs for 12 months, and subjected to a three-month curfew between 8pm and 5am each night.

Despite already being under a suspended sentence for assaulting his girlfriend in 2011, and also found to have no insurance or MOT when stopped, Adams walked free from court after the judge decided not to activate the custodial sentence.

Addressing the court, Prosecutor Tim Hills said: "It would seem he [Mr Adams] is a different man when sober."

Referring to the incident in which Adams had left his girlfriend with a broken eye socket after attacking her in a drunken rage, he continued: "He said he could not remember what happened. When he saw the pictures he said if he had done that he was disgusted and he was sorry."

In mitigation, Adams' defence told the court that he had suffered a "tragic accident" in 2007, which had led to his abuse of alcohol.
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