Video: Motorcycle smashes into cyclists at notorious LA biker hotspot

Video: Motorcycle smashes into cyclists at notorious LA biker hotspot

The snaking Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles County gloriously carves its way through picturesque hills, winding its way up the Santa Monica Mountains and on to the famous Hollywood signage.

It has featured in numerous films and is a regular hangout for petrolheads testing their car's handling prowess and bikers looking to 'get their knee down".
Cyclists also like to use the gruelling route but where there are leather-clad bikers and manic sports car drivers, there are inevitably accidents.

YouTube user Rnickeymouse spends a lot of time in these hills, filming motorcyclists parading their sports bikes and occasionally crashing but this video is one of the most shocking he (or she) has posted.

It sees a motorcyclist misjudging a corner, steering wide and slamming into a pair of cyclists, sending them hurtling through the air.

Rnickeymouse said: "This is the first time a bicycle has been hit by a motorcycle in the four years I've been up here.

"The (motorcycle) rider was not speeding and riding fine until he hit his foot and stood the bike up, causing the bike to go wide. He then target-fixated on the cyclist."

Luckily, both cyclists and the motorcycle rider escaped without any major injuries. The stricken cyclist's fellow rider said of the victim: "He's doing ok, was discharged from the hospital with no broken bones. Miraculously."

Watch the video below. Cyclists may want to look away now.

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