Nick Clegg shops in Primark

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg has hit the headlines after admitting that his family sometimes shops in cheaper stores - such as Primark. He was asked the question on his radio show in the wake of the tragedy in the garment factory building in Bangladesh, and replied that he had shopped in Primark, because sometimes the priority is to buy affordably for your family.

So will he spark a run on Primark?

The Kate effect

The celebrity effect is well-known - where famous faces inspire their fans to snap up the same fashion.

One of the most influential dressers in Britain is the Duchess of Cambridge. She can spark a craze for a particular fashion: after she wore coral-coloured jeans to watch Team GB play hockey at the Olympics, Asda reported a 471% increase in sales of its coloured jeans.

She can also cause a run on a dress after she buys it - most memorably her engagement dress by Reiss. It wasn't available in shops at the time she wore it, but once it was re-released it sold at the rate of one per minute - and crashed the Reiss website.

She achieved the same thing for the company when she wore a Shola Reiss dress to meet Michelle Obama at Buckingham Palace. And she did it for Topshop after wearing a polka dot dress to the Harry Potter studios tour: it sold out within an hour.

Holly Willoughby, meanwhile, was wearing a black and rose printed dress from Peacocks on This Morning in March 2010. Callers rang in to demand where the dress was from, and it sold out within two days.

Kate Moss has had a similar effect on Primark. She sparked a run on a black and white aztec-printed cape from Primark, after she was spotted wearing it to the Isle of Wight Festival on her honeymoon in 2011.

The question is whether Nick Clegg's passion for Primark will have a similar effect. The chances are few will want to emulate his look. Then again maybe his wife, the high-flying lawyer Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, will inspire us more. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.
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