Drink-drivers face tougher rules

Drink-drivers face tougher rules

New measures have been brought in to tackle the most serious drink-drive offenders.

Under new regulations the most dangerous drink-drivers will have to prove they are no longer dependent on alcohol before they are allowed to get back behind the wheel.
The highest risk offenders amount to some 22,000 in the UK and include those who have been caught more than two-and-a-half times over the limit – or have been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol twice in the last ten years.

The new legislation will close a loophole that has seen high risk offenders able to drive as soon as they apply for their licence following a disqualification. Previously, drivers could start driving as soon as they have applied for their licence and before they have taken and passed the necessary medical.

Subsequently, thousands of offenders have begun driving and not bothered to turn up for their medical check - the DVLA is currently chasing over 3,000 drink-drivers who have failed to take the medical.

Also, those offenders who refuse to allow their blood samples to be analysed will also, from June 1, only get their licence back following disqualification if they pass the required medical.

Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond said: "Drink-drivers are a menace and it is right that we do everything we can to keep the most high risk offenders off the road."

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