Dougie Lampkin rides through Red Bull's offices

Dougie Lampkin rides through Red Bull's offices

Here is a top tip: if you ever have an office open day, never invite twelve-times World Trials Champion Dougie Lampkin because he'll bring his motorcycle and ruin the carpets.

The video below shows the two-wheeled trickster driving through the Red Bull offices, hopping up on tables, riding up stairs and generally make a nuisance of himself while the good people at the sugary energy drink manufacturers tried to get on with their day.Even Red Bull's coveted Formula 1 racecar wasn't safe from Lampkin's studded tyres as he leapt across the body while a very concerned Christian Horner looked on from above.

We are not really sure what the point of the short film is (apart from a clever exercise in subliminal marketing) but it's a showcase of talent nonetheless.

Take a look at the video below and witness Red Bull HQ being torn apart by the extremely skilled Lampkin.

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