Video: Woman gored and trampled by bull at rodeo event


A woman who was gored and trampled by a bull at a rodeo event in Florida was this week thanking a stranger for saving her life.

According to the Daily Mail, Desiree Cicero was competing in an event at the annual Cracker Day festival at the Volusia County Fairground when the situation turned dangerous.

A 19-year-old marine called John Weideman-Beal attempted to shield the woman by using his own body to protect her.

In a video uploaded to Click Orlando, he told Local 6: "I think it's a miracle that we're both still living. I mean, we took on an 1,000lb animal, and it had it's way with us."

He added: "The crowds gasps, and I'm getting pummelled in the back of the head. It got me in the head right on the temple. That should have killed me and it's an act of God that it didn't."

Desiree suffered a dislocated shoulder and a broken rib in the incident, but credits John, whom she had never met before, for saving her life.

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