Video: White van man attacks cyclist

Video: White van man attacks cyclist

It's our equivalent of the Russian dash cam: the eternal struggle between motorists and cyclists has seen many riders don helmet cameras in a bid to document the abuse they suffer on the roads.

This latest footage comes from the streets of Birmingham, where a cyclist is chased down the road after seemingly upsetting a white van driver. After narrowly avoiding a door-based clothesline attempt, the biker is eventually cornered, dragged off his bike and left to fend off a flurry of blows.
The video has caused anger in the cycling community, particularly after it emerged that the van driver got away with a slap on the wrist. Under Home Office guidelines he simply had to pay compensation and offer a written apology.

In frustration the rider uploaded the video to publicly shame his attacker.

It's a reminder of the increasingly tense situation between different road users and a shocking example of how a moment's anger can escalate into unnecessary violence. Take a look below and the next time you get cut up by a cyclist remember: just breathe.

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