Video: Camel tries to eat little girl's head at drive-through zoo

A family trip to a safari park got a little too up close and personal for one little girl - when a camel tried to have a little nibble on her head.

Despite the enormous face coming through the window, and the large mouth almost closing around her head, the little girl seems to take it all in her stride, as does her dad, who merely laughs and pushes it away.

The father-daughter duo were enjoying a day out at the Kansas City Zoo when they had their close encounter of the camel kind, and managed to shake it off after it tried to run alongside the car for a while.

Maybe they'll think about closing the window next time they visit a drive-though zoo.

This video reminded us of the one of the zebra eating crisps through a car window which we featured last year. Here it is, in case you don't remember it:

Oh, and remember the one of the lion who photobombed the little girl?


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