Swansea woman wakes to find Audi in the lounge

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Marianne Heath, a 72 year old from Gowerton in Swansea, was sitting up in bed yesterday at 7am, when an Audi A3 convertible came crashing through the wall of her bungalow.

So what went wrong, and what if it happened to you?

The crash

According to the Daily Mail, it's thought that the driver collapsed at the wheel, swerved off the road, drove through her gate and down the path - only stopping when it smashed through the wall just metres from her bedroom.

The car has demolished most of one wall of the building and dislodged part of the roof.

The driver is currently in hospital. Heath told the newspaper: "I heard a loud rumbling sound. I tried to get into the lounge but the door wouldn't open, so I opened the back door and went outside. When I walked around the corner I saw this car. It was unbelievable."

According to the Telegraph, she tried to call 999, but the phone was disconnected in the crash. In the end a neighbour called and emergency services rescued the driver and cleared the scene.

So what if it happened to you?

It's an incredible story, but it's not as uncommon as you might think. Just last month a red Audi crashed into the side of a house in Lowestoft - and ended up embedded in the building four feet off the ground. The driver was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

So what would happen if your home was damaged in a crash?

This is exactly the sort of thing your buildings insurance is designed for. It is usually one of the things listed as covered in your policy - along with things like fire, vandalism and flooding. It's one of the reasons why having this sort of insurance is so vital.

After you have ensured you are safe, and the driver of the car is cared for, the next call should be to your insurer. They will explain their process for getting the claim dealt with as quickly as possible. They will also outline their policy for alternative accommodation if you are unable to stay in the property.

No-one could argue that you are in any way to blame - so you shouldn't have any trouble getting paid. Admittedly, as always with major insurance claims, no-one would claim that the process is without its stress and upheaval either.... although arguably not as much stress as the moment you realise someone has parked their car in your living room.
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