Cyclist friendly roundabouts could come to UK

Cyclist friendly roundabouts could come to UK

Roundabouts with segregated lanes for cyclists could be seen in London as early as next year, according to an announcement from the city's cycling commissioner Andrew Gilligan.

Already a common sight in the Netherlands, the layout gives cyclists right of way and means that drivers can always easily see them when leaving the roundabout.
Currently the Dutch-style roundabouts do not conform to Department of Transport regulations, though trials are currently underway in a research laboratory in Berkshire to assess their suitability.

Gilligan confirmed that the roundabout could be implemented from 2014, should testing be successful.

As part of the study the roundabout's impact on all types of road user will be assessed, with members of the public invited to take part.

Expected to last six weeks, the trials form part of the mayor of London's 'Vision for Cycling'.

The trials come in the wake of a number of campaigns to see dangerous road junctions in the capital redesigned. The Bow roundabout in east London has been singled out for particular consideration due to the frequency of cyclist collisions and fatalities.

Further ideas undergoing scrutiny include traffic lights with additional signals for cyclists.

Speaking to the BBC, Gilligan said: "We've got a cycling budget of £913m over 10 years and it includes £100m to refit junctions.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing this [roundabout] on the road. I think it's going to be fantastic for cyclists."
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