Council to refund 11,000 motoring fines

Council to refund 11,000 motoring fines

A London borough council is to pay back 11,000 motoring fines, due to an error regarding planning permission for a road 'pinch point'.

Islington council installed the traffic calming measure on Drayton Park, opposite Arsenal's Emirates stadium to slow lorries that use the road as a rat-run.
Drivers using a restricted lane at the site were captured on CCTV and automatically issued a penalty notice.

However, when one driver appealed the fine, it emerged that the council did not have the proper consent to make the changes to the road, which were implemented last November.

Islington's Parking and Traffic Appeals Service eventually ruled that all tickets issued were invalid as the amended road signs and new restrictions were not represented in the relevant traffic management order.

The lane restrictions have now been suspended while the council applies for the proper planning permission.

The council has now agreed to pay back the fines if motorists send in their penalty charge notices. The move could cost between £700,000-£1.4 million depending on how many drivers take up the refund.

Automatic refunds cannot be given as the council claims it does not hold the information of motorists who were fined.

Speaking to the London Evening Standard, an Islington council spokesman said: "We are very sorry for the confusion. If drivers believe they have been issued with an incorrect penalty charge notice they should get in touch with us and we will refund any incorrect tickets."

The council went on to state that that restrictions were put in place at the request of local residents and that it had reduced HGV traffic using the road by 95 per cent.
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