Video: Nine-year old takes dad's Ferrari for a spin

Video: Nine-year old takes dad's Ferrari for a spin

An Indian businessman has attracted international condemnation after posting a video of his nine-year old son at the wheel of his special edition Ferrari.

When Mohammed Nisham took the video of his two boys driving around the streets of Kerala, he thought it would be a good excuse to show off his limited run Ferrari F430 Scuderia and give his son a treat on his ninth birthday.
However, it backfired spectacularly, with the video receiving widespread criticism after going viral.

It's got the reckless dad in hot water with the police, too, who have arrested and charged him with encouraging underage driving and allowing an unlicensed child to drive.

However, Nisham remains unrepentant and was reportedly proud of his boy's driving skills, who he claims has driven the family's other cars including a Bentley and Lamborghini.

Bad parenting or nurturing young talent? Judge for yourself below.

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