Video: Giant pothole eats taxi driver

Giant pothole eats taxi driver

Potholes remain the bane of every motorist's life as they have a tendency to crack wheels, ruin suspension and cause accidents but drivers don't expect to be eaten by one.

But one unlucky Russian motorist became a pothole's breakfast when he found his taxi teetering on the edge of an enormous, watery sinkhole as a news station rallied round to film the ordeal.
The driver attempted to demonstrate just how deep the hole was by poking a large piece of wood into the muddy water but unfortunately he lost his footing and took an impromptu swim in the brown stuff.

So next time you blow your top at the local MOT station because a pothole has ruined your rims, spare a thought for this man who not only faces long calls to the insurance company but a large dry-cleaning bill, too.

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