Video: Road rage motorcyclist resorts to angle grinder

Video: Road rage motorcyclist resorts to angle grinder

Road rage can do funny things to drivers. It has been known for motorists to strip naked, retrieve an umbrella from the boot and set about smashing windows like crazed lunatics.

We may have made that last bit up but golf clubs, baseball bats and even guns have been brandished in an attempt to settle the most petty of arguments but this video from Russia (where else?) takes things to a whole new level.
A motorcyclist with a camera strapped to his helmet can be seen riding behind a black Nissan Juke that, at one point, pulls out in front of the rider, forcing him into oncoming traffic.

The chap on the motorbike then proceeds to chase down the Nissan Juke, rap on his window and give him a thoroughly stern talking to. Oh, and he whips out a small angle grinder and takes off the Nissan Juke's wing mirror.

It is one of the most extreme reactions we have seen caught on camera for a long time.

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think.

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