'Miracle' survival of tourists who swam through shark-infested waters for 12 hours

'Miracle' survival of tourists stranded in shark-infested waters for 12 hours

A fishing trip turned into a nightmare for two tourists in St Lucia when their boat's electric system failed and water rushed into the cabin flooding the engine room, leading to the pair swimming for 14 hours to reach land.

Dan Suski, 30, and his sister Kate Suski, 39, from America, survived the ordeal off the Caribbean island and told of their charter boat sinking.

According to CNN, four people were on the boat - the siblings, a captain and one crew member.

The Suskis were found on a beach by a St Lucia resident and the captain and crew member were discovered hours later.

"We are feeling stronger each day and looking forward to reuniting with family and friends," Dan Suski told CNN.

The couple told AP, that as they swam to safety, they were worried they would be eaten by sharks or be crushed against the cliffs as they got closer to land but realised they could not get out of the water.

The pair continued to swim until they saw sand nearby and collapsed when they got to land.

St Lucia's tourism minister said it was a miracle and that the island's maritime affairs unit was investigating exactly what caused the ship to sink.

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