Video: Trampoline jumping over cars ends in tears

Video: Trampoline jumping over cars ends in tears

It's fair to say the Germans don't have a great reputation for having a sense of humour. You only have to observe their bizarre love of David Hasselhoff as proof of their poor grasp of irony.

German pranksters are even worse, as the video below proves. Starting with two children proudly explaining the feat they are about to attempt, they quickly proceed to set up a trampoline in the middle of the road with the aim of vaulting themselves over passing cars.
As is to be expected, playing with traffic is always going to end badly, but it isn't the catastrophic Grand Theft Auto-style pedestrian carnage you might be expecting.

This is likely to be a video viral which had been set up in advance, judging by the mischievous child's ninja-like aerial skills and the way the car's shadow remains perfectly static at the end of the video. Judge for yourself below.

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