Holiday funding by parents revealed

famly on the beach

It is not just younger offspring that are relying on the "bank of mum and dad" to finance their holidays, according to a survey.

Adults aged 35-44 are just as likely to get their parents to pay for their trips as those aged 25-34, the poll by Aviva showed.
Based on responses from 2,000 adults, the survey revealed that as many as 35% like to go away in groups with friends and family.

Of these big-group tourists, 20% end up being treated to their trip, with those from East Anglia and south-east England the most likely to go away with others just so they can get a "freebie".

The main reason given for taking breaks as part of large parties was spending quality time together, followed by the chance to engage in exciting activities. Around 15% said group trips helped spread the childcare responsibilities.

The favourite trip for these group travellers is a beach holiday, followed by a cultural city break. Hotels are the most popular form of accommodation.

The survey also showed that those holidaying with the same group of friends and family have been doing so for an average of almost seven years.

Aviva business development director Simon Warsop said: "It seems the days of rushing off to escape home life are behind us with friends and family now an integral part of our holiday plans."

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