Family drives 5,000 miles each year for summer holiday

Family drives 5,000 miles each year for summer holiday

Most parents will go out of their way to avoid a long drive through a hot, unfamiliar country with two teenagers in the back repeating "are we nearly there yet?" until someone blows a gasket.

But not the Crews, this family from Hampshire loads up their Toyota Avensis estate and embarks on a 5,000 mile round trip through Europe to Turkey and back again on a yearly basis.
Detailing her family's adventures on the official Toyota blog, mum Carol says: "We go through the Eurotunnel to France and then into Belgium, through Holland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and into Turkey."

The family revealed that Dad Mark takes care of all the driving, he said: "The prospect of getting into a car with a four day or five day in front of them probably terrifies some people but to me that is the stuff of life."

But what's the secret to keeping the teens in the back entertained? According to Carol, it's a combination of spelling games, learning the times table and eye spy. There isn't a flat-screen TV, DVD or games console in sight.

The Crews also revealed that they have a little ritual that accompanies them on every journey, "Every time we cross a border from one country to another, we all punch the car roof," says Mum Carol.

"It's like a little ceremony we have when we tick off another country," she added.

"It's all about the travelling," says Dad Mark. "Yeah I could get on a plane and be there in four hours, but what have I gained from that?"
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