Car thieves accidentally steal man's ashes

Car thieves accidentally steal man's ashes

Thieves got more than they bargained for when they stole a car from Southampton that contained the ashes of the owner's grandfather.

The black Vauxhall Astra's owner is appealing to the thieves to return the vehicle as it contained ashes that she was due to scatter just after the car was stolen.
The car was taken from behind the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton some time between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Police officers said the car is easily identifiable, as it is a Motability vehicle that sports a blue disabled badge in the window and it was likely it called into a nearby petrol station for fuel soon after it was stolen.

The car's owner Gemma Hunt, 26, said she had been planning to scatter the ashes later on Sunday and is "desperate" to have them back. Ms Hunt believes she may have dropped the keys to her car near the vehicle before it was taken.

She was handed her grandfather's ashes by an uncle who was emigrating to the USA and she said she planned to scatter them in Petersfield the next day.

"He had spent most of his life there and it's where we had spent some happy times with him.

"I feel I've let the rest of the family down - you just don't expect someone to steal your car," she said.

Hampshire Police are appealing for information from anyone who has seen the car since the weekend.

They especially want Southampton area filling stations to check CCTV to see if the vehicle re-fuelled shortly after being stolen.

Police also want to hear from anyone who finds an abandoned black Astra.
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