The universities that will make you rich

Oxford University

Researchers have identified the universities in the UK that produce the most mega-weathy graduates. Top of the list is Oxford - which has produced 401 graduates worth more than £20 million. Cambridge is in second place with 361.

However, many of these people came from money in the first place. So which university produces the most self-made mega-rich graduates?


Oxford and Cambridge, perhaps unsurprisingly, have the wealthiest graduates. Oxford may top the list, but Cambridge has the most billionaires - and the average super-rich graduate has £169 million - twice the amount of the typical mega-wealthy Oxford graduate.

Amongst the fantastically wealthy graduates is Oxford's Nicky Oppenheimer, who graduated in the 1960s and went on to become the chairman of the De Beers diamond mining company - and the 17th richest man in the UK.

Oxford also produced Bruno Schroder, non-executive director of finance firm Schroders, and the fourth generation to run the firm. He is said to be worth £1.85 billion. And more recently actress Emma Watson studied at the university. She is currently said to be worth £27 million.

However, there's a strong argument that they have the richest student intake too. A third of Oxford's mega-rich were fantastically wealthy before they started.


The highest proportion of self-made multi-millionaires comes from Birmingham University - 84% of whom made their millions without the help of family wealth. It's an impressive result from a university that comes tenth on the overall list.

Other big players are the London School of Economics which is third; alumni include Lord Waheed Alli, John F Kennedy and Mick Jagger.

Fourth is Imperial College London, whose alumni include, Ian Read (CEO of Pfizer), Michael Birch (Founder of Bebo) and Danny Lui (founder of Lenovo). Fifth is the London Business School, whose alumni include Sir Richard Greenbury (Chairman and CEO of Marks & Spencer), Tony Wheeler (Founder of Lonely Planet) and Huw Jenkins (former CEO of UBS).

The rest of the top ten is made up of

6) Manchester
7) UCL
8) Nottingham
9) Edinburgh
10) Birmingham

Commenting on the report, Mike Byrne, European Sales Director, Wealth-X, said: "17 out of the 24 Russell Group universities are featured in the report, which reflects the ability of such prestigious institutions to attract high calibre individuals, who proceed to create financial success."

However, it's worth bearing in mind that before making their millions, these individuals had plenty of time after university to change their fortunes. The average person on the list is 57 - which begs the question of whether their university was so influential after-all.
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