Stuck truck: Lorry driver jams HGV under bridge

Stuck truck: Lorry driver jams HGV under bridge

There is a joke that involves male drivers and parking spaces and something about not knowing what six inches looks like but it's probably too rude to publish here.

Regardless, a hapless lorry driver attempted to squeeze his 15ft tall HGV underneath a bridge that was six-inches too short near the M1 in Nottinghamshire.> The driver approached the bridge that was clearly marked with a warning sign that read "14ft 6in" but decided to press on despite driving a vehicle that was 6-inches taller than the stated maximum height.

As a result, the trailer and cab became wedged underneath the bridge and part of the truck's roof was torn off.

Emergency services were called to the scene where they found the stricken lorry with its wheels lifted clear from the road below.

Stuck truck: Lorry driver jams HGV under bridge

Luckily no one was injured but it did cause delays in the Stapleford Road area of Nottinghamshire as rescue crews removed the lorry and assessed the bridge for damage.

This isn't the first time a lorry has found itself in a sticky situation as we reported on a Polish driver who wedged his truck between a house and a churchyard wall in a small Somerset village earlier this year.

The HGV belonged to Polish haulage firm Skat and it became stuck between two walls in Sanctuary Lane in Brompton Regis, damaging the wall and closing the road for a lengthy period of time.
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