Motorist gets £200 litter fine in parking ticket protest

Motorist gets £850 litter fine in parking ticket protest

A Lincolnshire man has been charged £850 for littering after throwing a £30 parking ticket to the floor in anger.

When 64-year old Timothy Sawyer returned to his car, which he'd left parked on a single yellow line, he was greeted by a PCSO issuing him a ticket.
Skegness Magistrates Court heard how Sawyer reacted angrily, telling the officer "I will f******** well park here," before screwing up the ticket, throwing it away and driving off.

Keith Briggs, the PCSO who issued the ticket, told the court that he observed that Sawyer had parked in a dangerous place between a bus stop and pedestrian crossing.

He continued: "I believe he would have driven off before I could write the ticket so I approached the driver's side of his vehicle.

"The window was open and I said to him "this is your ticket sir". He screwed it up into a ball, threw it out of the vehicle and drove off."

After ignoring repeated requests for the money, and being abusive to Council staff who contacted him in relation to the matter, Sawyer was eventually charged with littering and convicted in his absence after failing to appear at Court.

Sawyer was fined £200, ordered to pay costs of £637.61 and also cover a victim surcharge of £15.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Sawyer stated he was to launch a counter claim against Lincolnshire Constabulary: "I tell you what, they are going to have the shock of their lives - I'm not saying much more than that.

"But it has got to be the most expensive parking ticket ever."
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