Hyundai shocks social media circles with insensitive viral video

Hyundai shocks social media circles with insensitive viral video

Hyundai has sparked controversy with an incredibly insensitive video viral that portrays a man attempting to commit suicide, only to be thwarted by his zero emissions car.

The clip, which is eerily shot with high production values, depicts a man taping a hose to his exhaust pipe, sealing himself inside his Hyundai and waiting for the inevitable to happen... only it doesn't, because this is a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle and only produces water particles from the rear pipes.
It's a punch line that that has far from amused viewers, with one Twitter user, whose father killed himself in the same way, writing a powerful open letter to Hyundai and Innocean, the ad agency behind the video.

Holly Brockwell wrote: "When your ad started to play, and I saw the beautifully-shot scenes of taped-up car windows with exhaust feeding in, I began to shake. I shook so hard that I had to put down my drink before I spilt it. And then I started to cry."

Alex Goy, a UK journalist, has also experienced suicide first hand: "I understand that brands are constantly looking for new, clever ways to show how great their products are. Using a suicide attempt may be new, but it certainly isn't clever," he revealed to AOL Cars.

He added: "Many people, myself included, have had to open a suicide note left for them. The shock, the loss and sheer terror of having someone choose not to be in your life any more is incomparable and deeply, deeply unpleasant.

"To have the worst moment you can ever go through packed up and used to show off green tech is utterly repulsive.

"I've been in a fluctuating state of anger, rage and shock since I first saw it. To put it politely - I'm cross and would quite like to see the 'creative' responsible for this forced to read out suicide notes left to the people this ad has hurt."

Hyundai said the following: "Hyundai understands that the video has caused offence. We apologize unreservedly. The video has been taken down and will not be used in any of our advertising or marketing."
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