Skoda tops national customer satisfaction survey

Caroline Cassidy

The Skoda Yeti has topped a national customer satisfaction survey, beating aspirational brands such as Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar.

Skoda Yeti tops customer satisfaction poll
Skoda Yeti tops customer satisfaction poll

Pic: AFP/Getty

Once the butt of motoring jokes across the UK, the modern-day Skoda models are now coming up trumps with Brits in a big way. In fact, as well as leading the way with the Yeti, the manufacturer's Superb (second) and Octavia (sixth) also made the top ten.

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More than 46,000 British motorists took part in this year's poll for Auto Express, and the Yeti, which ranges in price from £14,945 to £26,400, earned an impressive top score of 92.65 per cent in overall satisfaction ratings, with its "multi-purpose practicality, hatchback handling and genuine off-road ability in a great value package".

Following Skoda's Superb, which landed the number two spot, was Jaguar's XF saloon, with the Renault Scenic and Mazda CX-5 rounding out the top five.
Skoda's Octavia model, the Alfa Romeo Guilietta, Land Rover Discovery, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class completed the top ten.

Steve Fowler, editor-in-chief of Auto Express magazine said: "We've always liked the Yeti - it's a former Auto Express Car of the Year - so it's great to see so many owners agreeing with us.

"They like its practicality, the tech on board and how easy and enjoyable it is to drive."

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