Churchill's Daimler up for sale

Churchill's Daimler up for sale

A World War II era Daimler, once belonging to Winston Churchill is to be sold at auction.

The convertible Daimler DB18 was constructed in 1939 and features coachwork by the Carlton Carriage Company. It is finished in two-tone silver and black paint with a chocolate brown roof.
The interior, which comprises of a bench seat in the front and two individual chairs in the back, is finished in green leather.

With a 2.5-litre six-cylinder engine the DB18 boasted a top speed of 76mph. Power was sent to the wheels through a unique pre-selecter style gearbox.

It was used by the wartime Prime Minister during his election campaigns in 1944 and 1949.

The car, which is currently on display at the Brooklands Museum in Surrey, will be sold at the Historics at Brooklands auction in December.

Originally forming part of a projected production run of 23, only eight were ever built after Daimler's Coventry factory was destroyed by German bombers during the Blitz.

This example is the only one thought to remain in existence, with four destroyed during the war, another being scrapped and a further two the whereabouts of which remain unknown.

The Daimler DB18 is expected to fetch between £200,000-£250,000 at the exclusive auction.
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