Video: French prankster dresses up as speed camera

Video: French prankster dresses up as speed camera

You know how it goes: you're driving along minding your own business, concentrating on the road ahead and out of no-where you're subjected to a sudden double-flash. And that's that - your mood ruined and your licence stained simply because you've opted to look out for hazards on the road rather than resolutely glare at your speedometer.

It's enough to wind up any motorist, and this is exactly what has driven notorious French prankster Remi Gaillard to perform his latest stunt: dressing up as a speed camera and flashing unwitting motorists.
While his tracksuit-covered legs are a bit of a giveaway, his radar trap-cum-cardboard box is certainly enough to fool the plethora of motorists who stray into Gaillard's path, given the way they all suddenly slow down upon being flashed.

Not limiting himself to the roadside, the Frenchman takes to fields and even runways to 'do' all manner of vehicles. It's all fun and games, well that is until a police car drives past. Take a look below.

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