Tamara Ecclestone in Lamborghini custody battle

Tamara Ecclestone in Lamborghini custody battle

F1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone is embroiled in a bitter custody battle with a former lover. Unusually, however, the subject of the case isn't a child torn between two parents, but rather a Lamborghini supercar.

A £380,000 black Lamborghini Aventador is the cause of the dispute between Ms. Ecclestone and former partner, Stock Broker Omar Khyami. He alleges that the car was a birthday present, bought by the daughter of F1 mogul Bernie Ecclestone as a 38th birthday present.
Ms Ecclestone maintains that the car remained in her possession and that Mr Khyami only borrowed it on occasion.

In the latest development in the case, Ms Ecclestone has been granted an injunction preventing the car being sold or leaving the country after it emerged that the car was due to be shipped out to a Turkish buyer.

The car will instead be put into storage until the dispute is resolved.

The couple's two and a half year relationship ended after Mr Khyami was allegedly caught on a sex tape, which was anonymously passed onto Tamara's father.

She had originally kept possession of the car, but it was impounded by bailiffs while undergoing a service at a west London garage.

It emerged that Mr Khyami had used the Lamborghini as security for a £250,000 loan with supercar dealer Elite Performance Cars. He then seemed to manage to secure possession of the car and handed it over to the company in settlement of the debt.

The car then changed hands again, eventually destined for Turkey.

Commenting on the case, Mr Justice Warren said: "The underlying dispute is about the ownership of the car. It is between the complainant and the first defendant.

"She is saying that it is hers and he is saying that although she bought it, he was given it as a present during the currency of their relationship.

"Miss Ecclestone is entitled to see it sitting in a safe place which is not connected with any of the defendants."

The case continues.
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