Police hunt bottom-slapping youths

Police hunt bottom-slapping youths

Police in Cumbria are hunting a gang of youths after a number of female cyclists reported having their bottoms slapped by occupants of a passing car.

The gang, which has been operating in the Barrow area, is subjecting lycra-clad female cyclists to a spanking, with the behaviour being likened to that seen on the Benny Hill Show of the 1970s.
Victims have all stated that they've been subject to the assault by a number of youths leaning out of the window of a car, before roaring off in fits of laughter.

While it could be potentially shrugged off as just childish tomfoolery, police are becoming increasingly concerned after one victim lost control of her bike during the incident and narrowly avoided falling off.

A police spokesman said "While fortunately no injuries were caused, it could have led to a serious accident."

Unfortunately none of the three victims who have come forward have been able to accurately identify the car, stating just that it is black in colour.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a relative of one of the victims said: "I can imagine the possible consequences if she had lost control as a result of this incident.

"There were several incidences of this during the Keswick-to-Barrow walk one year, and I am pleased the police took it seriously."
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