Noel Edmonds' fake taxi passenger gets a makeover

Noel Edmonds' fake taxi passenger gets a makeover

It has been well reported that Noel Edmonds likes to dabble in the slightly bizarre world of Cosmic Ordering but it has now emerged that it isn't just his life path he likes to keep on top of.

Edmonds has regularly been photographed in his black cab around Bristol but eagle-eyed bystanders have noticed that he has recently given a mannequin that sits in the back a thorough makeover.> The dummy, dubbed Candice by Noel, used to be blonde and sported a rather fetching cream cardigan and a mobile phone pressed to her ear.

The whacky Deal or No Deal host installed the plastic passenger to stop pedestrians flagging down his taxi while he zipped around Bristol, on occasion using the bus lanes to avoid busy city traffic on his morning commute to the television studios.

Candice has now become a brunette, the mobile phone has gone and a large, furry hat sits atop her head.

Noel Edmonds' fake taxi passenger gets a makeover

A fur coat has also replaced the fetching cream cardigan; presumably to keep out the winter chills.

An onlooker told the "Everyone has got used to seeing Noel in his cab. But changing the dummy's hair colour and her clothes is a bit weird, even for him.

"I suppose he could argue it makes it look more realistic, but it does seem very strange. Maybe next time Candice will have some little mannequin kids with her in the back."

The dummy passenger idea was first suggested by Noel's third wife, make-up artist Liz Davies, after he experienced a number of passers-by attempting to flag down his cab.
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