Bikini body diets start today, says new poll

Caroline Cassidy

The first glimpses of spring have only just arrived after a long, cold winter, but already it seems women's thoughts have turned to the beach. According to a survey by Asda, today is the day most Brits will begin their bikini body diet.

Bikini body diets start today
Bikini body diets start today

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The poll of 2,000 men and women revealed that more than four out of five women are hoping to slim down for summer, and 56 per cent are aiming to lose 11lb.

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With the school summer holidays some 13 weeks away, that makes today the perfect time to put your bikini body plan into action without resorting to a last-minute crash diet.

Women in their 30s are the most likely to set out on the healthy weight loss road, with a balanced diet and exercise regime as their weight loss plan. However, the 20-somethings admitted to leaving it late and falling for the 'miracle weight loss' promises of crash and fad diets.

Of the girls polled, more than 25 per cent said they had been inspired to battle the bulge after seeing snaps of celebs like Myleene Klass and Denise van Outen showing off their bikini bodies.
Some 15 per cent even confessed to adorning their fridge with pictures of celebs on the beach to use as 'thinspiration'.

It was a different story for the menfolk, however, with fewer than one in five hoping to shed a few pounds. And nearly two-thirds of those planned on leaving it until a month before their summer holiday before embarking on a diet.

Will you be starting your bikini body diet today? Were you 'thinspired' by celebrity pictures? Leave your comments below...