Five snowboarders killed in Colorado's deadliest avalanche for 50 years

Five snowboarders killed in Colorado's 'deadliest' avalanche for 50 years

Five snowboarders have died in an avalanche near the Loveland Ski Area in Colorado. A sixth member of the group was partially buried, but managed to dig himself out and walked to the nearby highway to call for help.

BBC News reports that authorities are "pretty sure" that the group of snowboarders triggered the avalanche, which was about 600m wide and 2.5m deep.

The bodies of the victims, who were all wearing avalanche beacons and using the proper equipment, were recovered by search teams. Sheriff Don Kruegar of Clear Creek County said that he believed everyone had been accounted for but could not be sure.

The avalanche, which occurred around 2pm local time, closed the nearby highway.

CNN reports that this is Colorado's worst avalanche accident in more than 50 years. The avalanche occurred at Loveland Pass, which is about 50 miles west of Denver, at an elevation of 11,990 feet.

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