Second crocodile on the loose in Spanish tourist resort

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Second crocodile on the loose at Spanish tourist resort
Second crocodile on the loose at Spanish tourist resort

After the death of a crocodile which was on the loose in southwest Spain, experts have found fresh footprints that do not match the seven-foot reptile and fear there is another at large.

Last month, a crocodile was spotted stalking waterways in Mijas, near Marbella, and became the subject of search by special police units who hoped to catch the animal basking in the sun.

But on Monday, the Costa Croc, as it was dubbed, was reportedly found dead in a stream near La Mairena.

The body of the Nile crocodile was discovered by Torremolinos Crocodile Park workers and Mijas Local Police after weeks of searching.

According to The Olive Press, the cause of death is unknown, but the croc is believed to have suffered an injury to its head.

And now holidaymakers to southern Spain are being warned that a second reptile is on the loose.

Mayor of Mijas Angel Nozal said: "We've been told the first footprints found do not appear to coincide with the dead reptile's. The search is continuing."

Euro Weekly News reports that a gardener who first spotted the Costa Croc said it was "much bigger" than the one found dead.

Warning signs remain in the area saying: "Grave Danger. Crocodiles on the loose".

But British tourists haven't been deterred by the unwelcome resident.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, golf shop manager Richard Seamark said: "Most of our British clients think it's a bit of a joke really. After all the hoo-hah with horse meat, we're thinking of offering croc-burgers if we catch it."

He added: "We've had problems in the past with wild boar and put up fencing round the golf course five years ago because they were coming in and digging up the greens looking for food. We never thought though they might be a good crocodile deterrent."

Nile crocodiles are the second largest reptiles in the world after the saltwater crocodile. They are found in Africa living in lakes, rivers and marshlands. They are the most dangerous species of crocodile, responsible for killing hundreds of humans every year.

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