Driver rescued from sinking Porsche

Driver rescued from sinking Porsche

A Porsche driver has been miraculously saved from drowning after driving into a river.

The unnamed driver reversed his Porsche 911 coupe into a moored-up boat before falling into the River Bure in Coltishall, Norfolk.
Sinking to the bottom of the four-foot deep water, the 911 was left with just its roof sticking above the surface.

Thankfully for the driver, two workmen on a nearby boat witnessed the accident and immediately leapt into action.

Locals Mark Platten and Sam Hall helped the man from the water, saving him from drowning. \

Speaking to The Telegraph, Mr Hall said: "I heard a big revving of an engine and a bang where it had hit the side of a boat and the Porsche was suddenly sitting on the water.

"We were trying to explain to the driver to get out.

"I do not know whether he was in shock or whether the door was stuck and he could not get out."

Like a scene out of a Bruce Willis film, the pair had to use the boat the driver had crashed into as a platform to reach the stricken car.

"The car was going down slowly and we thought he was not going to get out," continued Hall.

"Mark jumped in and it took a bit of an effort do get the door open.

"When the door opened it went down quickly and we pulled him out just in time before his head went under," said Sam.

"He was in shock and I guess his foot must have slipped on the accelerator."

The dazed driver eventually made a full recovery and later returned to the scene to thank his rescuers.

While the car is likely to be a write-off, amazingly the boat it collided into suffered just a broken window in the freak incident.
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