Video: Russian cop takes out bus stop

Video: Russian cop takes out bus stop

The trend exhibited by seemingly all of Russia's motorists of filming their journeys on dashboard-mounted cameras has yielded some extraordinary footage. From the recent meteor air-burst at Chelyabinsk, to a plane crash in Moscow, it has all been caught on film where it might otherwise have been missed.

Regular YouTube viewers will also know that Russian dash cams also capture a huge amount of road traffic accidents. New compilation films emerge on an almost daily basis showcasing the shocking state of road safety and driver standards in the former Soviet Union.
This latest film shows how the country's traffic police gets it wrong, too, with an unmarked cop car, without lights or sirens on, attempting to take a corner too fast and ploughs headlong into a bus stop and the hapless man waiting at it.

Thankfully no one is seriously injured, but it makes for eyebrow raising viewing nonetheless.

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