VIDEO: Four DTM drivers and a BMW M3

VIDEO: Four DTM drivers and a BMW M3

Place a professional racing driver behind the wheel of a high-powered car on an empty track and watch them behave like a kid in a sweet shop.

Let four DTM racing drivers loose on a closed circuit, toss them the keys to a brand spanking new BMW M3 and witness all sorts of mayhem ensue.
The video, produced by BMW Motorsport, shows Martin Tomczyk, Augusto Farfus, Joey Hand and Andy Priaulx messing about in the German firm's V8 coupe as they tackle a circuit while simultaneously arguing, swatting a fly and generally acting like toddlers.

It's a strangely riveting watch and made all the more impressive by the fact Tomczyk manages to slide the machine around sweeping bends with one finger on the steering wheel and his eyes firmly fixed on the kafuffle in the back.

Check out the video below and witness the rubber-burning antics first hand. If you get close enough to your screen, you can almost smell the tyres melting.

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