Ultra rare and untouched McLaren F1 unearthed in Japan

Ultra rare and untouched McLaren F1 unearthed in Japan

It is a travesty that some forward thinking dealership purchased a pristine McLaren F1 back in 1996 only for it to sit in storage unloved and never driven.

But such a thing did happen as a glorious yellow F1 with just delivery miles on the clock has been discovered in Japan and now it is up for sale to the highest bidder.> Whichever collector manages to get hold of this beauty will become the proud owner of a pristine example of one of the world's fastest cars and a design icon of the motoring world.

The Japanese site listing the recovered vehicle describes it as being in an 'unwrapped' state since it was imported to Japan in 1996- which loosely means it has been covered up in temperature controlled storage for an unforgiveable amount of time.

Ultra rare and untouched McLaren F1 unearthed in Japan

Any Japanese speakers out there can follow this link to the original advert but have your wallets ready, British car dealer Tom Hartley Jr. managed to shift a McLaren F1 for £3.5 million last year so this won't be cheap.

Just as a reminder of how rare this exotic beast is, McLaren only manufactured 64 road legal models during its short lifespan and famous owners include Jay Leno and Rowan Atkinson. The latter has crashed his twice but hey, at least he was enjoying it.

Vital statistics

Car: McLaren F1
Engine: 6.1-litre V12
Performance: 627bhp
0-60mph: 3.2 seconds
Top speed: 243mph
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