Royal Mail shuts postbox over parking fine

Royal Mail

Royal Mail said it was closing a postbox in Plymouth, Devon, after one of the company's vans received a parking ticket while picking up the post. The van was parked next to the post box when it was caught by one of the city's camera cars, and the postal service received a fine in the post.

The Royal Mail responded by sealing the postbox up.


According to a report in the Plymouth Herald, the van picked up the fine while collecting letters from the postbox in Market Avenue. A local businessman told the newspaper that he had spoken to a member of Royal Mail staff, who said they had to close the postbox because they couldn't run the risk of clocking up fines.

The council told the Daily Telegraph that it had all been a mistake. It cancelled the fine, and the Royal Mail confirmed the postbox would be opened again shortly.

Outrageous tickets

However, this is far from the only outrageous parking fine dished out by over-zealous councils. There were a total of 6.8 million tickets in 2011 - one every 4.6 seconds. And with a ticketing rate as frenetic as this, wardens are clearly making some questionable decisions.

We reported in February on the woman on Portobello High Street near Edinburgh, who abandoned her car in a disabled bay in order to rush over to a woman who had collapsed in the street. While she was giving her first aid, wardens slapped her car with a ticket.

This wasn't the first time Edinburgh wardens got themselves a reputation for over-ticketing. Back in 2003 they hit the headlines after ticketing a hearse.

And they're not the only ones. As we reported last summer, wardens in Appledore, Devon, ticketed a lifeboat left on a trailer outside the lifeboat station while a crew member popped back in to pick up some paperwork.

And one Wandsworth warden shocked many people in January last year, ticketing a man who stopped to give first aid to a motorcyclist - despite the fact that the driver could clearly be seen helping the unconscious man in the middle of the road.

But what do you think? Have you ever been unfairly ticketed? Let us know in the comments.

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Royal Mail shuts postbox over parking fine

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