Rolls-Royce creates bespoke pink Ghost for Chris Evans charity fundraiser

Rolls-Royce creates bespoke pink Ghost for Chris Evans charity fundraiser

It may lack the machine guns and oil slick dispenser but in every other respect, this bright pink creation from Rolls-Royce is a faithful modern interpretation of the iconic Thunderbirds FAB 1.

Based on the company's Ghost model, the eye-catching car has been crafted to help DJ Chris Evans raise £1 million for Breast Cancer Care.
The Radio 2 star bought the FAB 1 number plate over five years ago for a cool £75,000, and is now planning to fit it to the madcap Roller and make it available for hire.

Commenting on his support for the charity and his mothers' own successful fight with breast cancer, Evans told the Daily Mail: "It was like a Christmas present. It's the heaviest sack of rocks you can ever find in your bag but the ridiculous thing is more people survive cancer now than don't. And all those odds get better if you address things.

"I'm delighted we're doing this for Breast Cancer Care, which does fantastic things to support people with cancer and help take that stigma away.

"I loved Thunderbirds as a kid and I'd stuck the FAB1 number plate on a few of my cars, but last December I was wondering what to do with it and how I could put it to more use. I thought it's got to go on a pink Rolls-Royce. Then I thought that pink is used by breast cancer charities.

"I walked into HR Owen [a Rolls-Royce dealership in London's Berkeley Square] and said, "Do you think you can give me a Rolls-Royce for a year?" They asked why and I said, "It's to raise £1million for a breast cancer charity." Within minutes they said, "Yes, we'll do it." "

The FAB 1 Ghost hasn't been painted pink, Rolls-Royce instead opting to cover it in a plastic wrap, a process which is said to have taken six weeks. The interior is finished in light cream and blushing pink. Even the key has been customised to match.

Those looking to hire FAB 1 will have to stump up £5,000 a day for the car alone, though interested parties might also want to take advantage of number of VIP packages including tickets to the Britain's Got Talent final and a personal invitation from the Earl of March to join him in his private box at Glorious Goodwood ladies day.

As you may expect, the rental fee includes a personal chauffeur, he may or may not be called Parker.
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