Joe Hart NOT disabled bay abuser

Joe Hart NOT disabled bay abuser

Footballers often get a dressing down in the press for their driving behaviour - perhaps deservedly, with three Manchester City stars banned from driving in recent weeks.

And with even our very own Prime Minister spotted flouting parking laws in the last few days, surely there is no one above suspicion?
Yesterday we reported that Manchester City footballer Joe Hart parked his Bentley in a disabled bay at the city's Trafford Centre while taking his girlfriend out for dinner. It turns out we were wrong, along with The Sun and other outlets which posted the story.

As has been reported on TalkSport, the passer-by whose photo was seen in the press simply saw the Bentley parked inconsiderately, then saw Hart in the nearby Nando's and put two and two together, getting five.

In our haste to bring you the story we neglected to independently verify the facts and erroneously stated that it was indeed a Bentley belonging to Joe Hart. AOL Cars would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Joe and to our readers for our mistake.

While we all love reading about celebrities and their blunders with the law, on this occasion we'd like to tip our hats to Joe for not following the example of his team-mates.
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